The story of Alabama’s 7th District is the story of our fight for civil rights and voting rights for all Americans. By preserving that story and sharing it with the public, we can cultivate a stronger understanding of our nation’s history and generate economic growth here at home.

From the Edmund Pettus Bridge to the 16th St. Baptist Church, I have led the fight to bring federal preservation efforts and investment home to Alabama. My office has helped historic sites right here in Alabama win more than $13 million in Historic Preservation Grants through the National Park Service. In our state’s rural Black Belt, I have led the fight to save Selma’s historic federal courthouse and to secure funding for the Selma Interpretive Center.

In Congress, I introduced legislation, supported by the entire Alabama congressional delegation, urging the creation of a national civil rights monument in Birmingham. As one of his final acts in the White House, President Obama followed our recommendation and used his executive power to create the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument.

I have also introduced and passed amendments to the federal budget, increasing funding for historic preservation efforts on HBCU campuses by $40 million. Alabama’s 7th District is home to some of the most prominent HBCUs in the country, and I will continue fighting to preserve the civil rights and voting rights sites at these historic institutions.

Together, it is our job to protect the historic sites of Alabama’s 7th District. The future of our district depends on our fight to preserve its history.